Advanced Skeleton for Maya

On October 7, 2014 by jw

Of all the auto rigging scripts I’ve used in the past, Advanced Skeleton has grown to be one of my favorites. It’s pretty simple, flexible, and triggers very little if any Maya errors, which is incredible. I found it provides a robust solution that’s easily accessible and extendable. Updates are frequent and handled right in the script window. Here is a recent rig I did for Brock. He made a simple Star Wars inspired Walker character intended for a few personal shorts (coming soon).  For the rig I started with AS and then added some extra requested features:

  • Squash and stretch for different parts of both characters
  • Gun controls with firing attributes
  • Dynamic and Static hair controls for the small driver character. (barely visible in this GIF due to color reduction)

All the standard rig features are already built into the AS rig (FK/IK Switching, Foot Controls, Stretchy Joints, etc).


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