Ceiling Light

On March 24, 2012 by jw

I wanted an industrial ceiling light for the entrance of my place at Pacific Electric lofts in downtown Los Angeles. So I headed to Apex Electronics to see what I could find. I took home some used reclaimed conduit and a safety switch. I found the caged glass fixtures at Amazon.com, and the all brackets at Home Depot. I also purchased a conduit bender and cutter from Amazon.com, then I learned how to use the bender on Youtube.



This is the first little test lamp I installed to see if this project was going to work.
001_light 002_light

I found this safety switch at Apex Electronics.004_light 005_light 006_light


Here’s me trying to figure out how electricity works 008_light

015_light 016_light

I found these fuses at a hardware store, I was pretty surprised they fit and everything turned on and I flipped the switch. 017_light 018_light 020_light 021_light 022_light 023_light 024_light 026_light 027_light 029_light

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