Height Adjustable Desk

On May 4, 2013 by jw

This was probably my most ambitious project considering I really don’t know much about electricity or mechanics. I kept looking at these linear actuators online, but holding off on the purchase. Finally I just ordered them and figured if this whole desk thing doesn’t work out, I’ll just build something else that uses actuators. I wrote an Instructable for this project. It’s probably easier to follow than this scroll of random images. Check it out here:  http://www.instructables.com/id/Electric-Height-Adjustable-Desk/

By request, here is the mock up Maya file: desk_v02

037_adjustable_height_desk 038_adjustable_height_desk 039_adjustable_height_desk 040_adjustable_height_desk 041_adjustable_height_desk

I’m so glad these actuators came with a wiring diagram. I just followed the colors and the damn thing worked.
001_adjustable_height_desk 002_adjustable_height_desk 003_adjustable_height_desk 004_adjustable_height_desk 005_adjustable_height_desk

I wanted to design everything before I started making cuts so I mocked it up in Autodesk’s Maya. 006_adjustable_height_desk 007_adjustable_height_desk 008_adjustable_height_desk 009_adjustable_height_desk 010_adjustable_height_desk

These clamps helped a lot. 011_adjustable_height_desk 012_adjustable_height_desk 013_adjustable_height_desk 014_adjustable_height_desk 015_adjustable_height_desk 016_adjustable_height_desk

I tested the first leg to see if it could lift the table by itself. It did! So I built another.
017_adjustable_height_desk 018_adjustable_height_desk 019_adjustable_height_desk 020_adjustable_height_desk 021_adjustable_height_desk 022_adjustable_height_desk 023_adjustable_height_desk 024_adjustable_height_desk 025_adjustable_height_desk 026_adjustable_height_desk 027_adjustable_height_desk 028_adjustable_height_desk 029_adjustable_height_desk 030_adjustable_height_desk 031_adjustable_height_desk 032_adjustable_height_desk 033_adjustable_height_desk 034_adjustable_height_desk


Here is the switch mounted to the right side of the desk. I takes about a minute to change positions. Desk 2.0 will have faster, stronger, and more expensive actuators. I’d also like to add some program to memorize height position. Either with a Raspberry Pi or some timing circuits. 035_adjustable_height_desk


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