Just Listen

On March 15, 2013 by jw

i was told follow your dreams and now
i don’t know what that really means
and i wonder if i ever really knew

if i drove farther than I could ever go
than who’s really behind the wheels
they’re turning and i’m just along for the ride

my head changed they said that would happen too
but I spent too much to quit and start something new
i’m a little bit scared

but i don’t need sympathy that just says
it’s ok for me to feel this way
and i know know the truth

i woke up in a earthquake that
help me shake off myself was I a fool to think my
my dreams are real

feel my heart and know what i mean
and why i try so damn hard to follow a dream

your face is the same but you look different
than i guess that it’s me changed how i look at things

the wind blows through my fingers and my throat hole
and at the right angle i’ll hear music
you just gotta listen

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