Pacific Electric Lofts circa 1905

On January 1, 2013 by jw

This place is how I got into making things. I moved into PE the Summer of 2011. It was my first real apartment. All I had at the time was a bed, a desk, and a big open loft. I needed to fill it. I never considered interior design in the past, the places I called home always felt temporary to me. I didn’t know where to start, so I just went with what was given. Large coarse earth-colored cement flooring. This floor gave me the foundation for a rustic industrial stage with faded and torn colors.  I tried to curate every piece to follow this pattern.

image image003_pe_loft 004_pe_loft 005_pe_loft 006_pe_loft 007_pe_loft 008_pe_loft 009_pe_loft 010_pe_loft 011_pe_loft 012_pe_loft bench 014_spotlight 012_spotlight 020_light 021_light 004_payphone 008_spotlight 007_workshop035_spotlight 038_adjustable_height_desk 014_pe_loft

016_pe_loft 015_pe_loft



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