Drum Chair

This is a pretty simple project. I just wanted turn this bass...

14th Apr

Painting #1

I had this big blank wall in my loft so I had...

08th Apr

Ceiling Light

I wanted an industrial ceiling light for the entrance of my place...

24th Mar

We’re Not That Different

i’m not gonna lie i thought you found a good excuse to...

22nd Mar

Road Case Repair

This is another quick project. I found a really nice big road...

21st Mar


there ain’t no stars in hollywood there ain’t no stars around just...

02nd Mar


Just some shots of my tiny workshop.  

01st Feb


Most of my projects start at a scrap yard/electronics store in Burbank...

01st Jan

Climbing Down

i’ll be the one who sticks around when the ship goes down...

30th May

In Love With Some Other Day

when it’s too damn thick to see through all the shit that...

10th Sep

Hartford & Seventh

i’m a little too young to be thinking this through twice i’m...

22nd Jul