Payphone Upgrade

On April 27, 2013 by jw

Public pay phones are like mini bank vaults. I tried to drill out the lock, no luck. There are latches around the inside frame that hold the front and back piece together. The correct way to open it is with two keys. One for the traditional lock, the other key is a “t” shaped device used to release the latches. I should really take it to a hacker space, but I’m too lazy. It’s so heavy I never want to pick it up again. My goal is to add some sort of voice over IP, skype, or even a landline. I just want it to work. So I figured out a really hacky way to get this thing talking. Simply replace the handset with a Bluetooth “retro” handset. Now calls going to my iPhone can be forwarded to my payphone for tethered nostalgia.




Here is the new Bluetooth handset sitting on top of the payphone. They are pretty much identical, however the Bluetooth version is much lighter.

So I simply cut off the original.008_payphone

Drilled a hole in the bluetooth handset and attached the cable.
009_payphone 010_payphone

Here you can see the blue light reflecting in the phone’s front face. It’s all ready to go. 011_payphone 001_payphone

I did purchase this phone. I got it from Apex Electronics. They have a lot of them. 002_payphone 003_payphone 004_payphoneNow this Bluetooth phone I picked up works perfectly fine, but it does not ring nor can I dial using the original dial pad. This project is still in phase one. I know as soon as I meet someone who can open this vault, I’ll be able to access the keypad, cord wires, and ringer. Finally be able to finish this for real.


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