PFTrack Survey Solver

On October 22, 2014 by jw

I haven’t had the opportunity¬†to play with a LIDAR scan in PFTrack yet, so to test out the survey solver I simply measured and tracked four features on a flat surface. The results were great! I couldn’t believe how fast and accurate a solve could be from so little features. I did a few tests and here are the results.

The iPad and ping pong shot were tracked with just four features, the wall and alley shot needed a few more. After the I was happy with the solve, I set up a scene in Maya, rendered it with Arnold, and composited it in After Effects. There are still a few areas to clean up (markers, shadow spill, etc), but I really just wanted to demo the survey solver. I may never use a LIDAR scanner, but eventually I’ll upgrade PFTrack and test out the Image Match node that can generate a point cloud from an array of images.

I created these tests while at

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