Road Case turned Soundbooth turned Closet

On June 7, 2013 by jw

Ok so I have this huge road case not really doing anything but taking up space. I wanted to try and convert it into a little sound booth for recording. This worked, but I never really used it. So I then converted the sound booth into a closet for instruments and formal wear.

001_road_case_closet 002_road_case_closet 003_road_case_closet 004_road_case_closet 005_road_case_closet 006_road_case_closet 007_road_case_closet 008_road_case_closet 009_road_case_closet 010_road_case_closet

I started to add aluminum edges to all the cuts.011_road_case_closet 012_road_case_closet 013_road_case_closet 014_road_case_closet

It’s hard to see, but the entire inside is covered with sound foam.015_road_case_closet 016_road_case_closet 017_road_case_closet

So then I decided to turn the sound booth into a closet.


This got way more use than the booth. I removed all the sound foam and added doors. There are four guitars, one ukulele, and one keyboard in this picture. Nothing is secure, so it’s not great for travel, just for stationary storage. 019_road_case_closet 020_road_case_closet 021_road_case_closet

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