Roger Pipeline Tools v1.0

On November 25, 2015 by jw

I started designing a 3D pipeline for Maya along with a set of tools to keep files organized and consistent.

Installation is easy. Just run the “Install Roger Tools.bat” script. This script will copy a Maya.env file to your local directory. This environment file will point Maya to the Roger Pipeline directory on the server. When a new instance of Maya is launched, Roger Tools is automatically added to the menu bar.

Roger Tools is written in Python and it manages files, assets, and caches. This is the current feature list. I’m sure it will grow as production requirements persist. I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

v1.0 Features:

  • General
    • Read in global project settings based on opened shot
    • Shot Navigation
    • Retrieve Shot notes from shot tracking sheet
    • Quick access to design reference and asset progress
    • Version management
    • Post playblasts directly to dailies folder
    • Help line with tool tips for each function
  • Assets and Rigging
    • Backup and publish to master asset files
  • Animation
    • Assets are already referenced in based on shot file
    • Backup and publish to masta cache files
  • Lighting
    • Master animation cache is already referenced into shot file
    • Render settings and output is already set based on shot file
    • Quick access to lighting tools
  • VFX
    • Master animation cache is already referenced into shot file

The GUI is based on “Custom Tools” by The Render Blog

This is a mock-up from Photoshop:


The actual Tool Dock in Maya:


This script generates a shot based pipeline folder structure for Roger Tools

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