RPi 3.5″ TFT LCD Touch Screen

On November 24, 2015 by jw

On eBay you can find a little screen like this for about 14 dollars. The touch screen works better with the included stylus than a finger.


It was pretty simple to install the driver for the LCD, though I did have to contact the seller for the correct version. Download the driver here: RPI_35_driver_v2.tar

copy driver to pi with WinSCP (RPI_35_driver_v2.tar). Unzip file, cd into “LCD_show”, run correct screen version driver installation: sudo./LCD35_v2 (version number located on back of LCD)

If you SSH into your pi and would like to get a python program to display something on the lcd. You must first set the display. Setting the display to 0 will tell the pi to render images to the currently active display [hdmi, gpio, ribbon cable]

mplayer can loop a video without sound. The frame rate is not so great on an original pi.

Here is an example of a full screen GUI with a GIF background using tkinter in Python

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