Shop Japan: Island Party

On December 1, 2015 by jw

The Roger team put together a 3D full CG spot with 23 characters. I was the technical director and effects artist.

  • Rigging: Kevin Yee
  • Animation Wow (red guy): Rob Fox
  • Animation background : Kevin Yee
  • Lighting: Patrick Warner
  • Effects: Justin Wilcott
  • 2D Animation: Shawn Lee
  • Compositing: Hugo Codinach Domenech

I created splashes for the octopus, the whale surfacing and the whale blow hole with Maya’s bifrost solver. The ocean was created with aaOcean. The grass on the island was created with Maya’s xGen. The particle effects when the package is opened with created with nParticles. The clouds were just Maya fluid containers with volumetric noise plugged into the opacity. Everything was rendered with Arnold at the same time. DOF and MB were all in camera. Compositing only a did a slight color correction and added particles in the last shots.


  • Animation Wow (red guy): Rob Fox
  • 2D Animation: Shawn Lee
  • Lighting: Justin Wilcott

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