Spotlight Lamp

On April 27, 2013 by jw

So I found this amazing 1950s television camera tripod at the Fairfax flee market for only 25 dollars. Apparently it was too big and heavy for the seller to keep moving around and he just wanted to get rid of it. I figured I would find a vintage camera or projector to complete the piece, then I came across this 2K stage light. Perfect. I just need to build a mount for it and wire up something a little more welcoming than 2,000 watts of illumination.
001_spotlight 002_spotlight 003_spotlight 004_spotlight 005_spotlight

This is a simple Edison bulb I found on I made a mount out of a piece of aluminum and zip ties. A 3D printer would have came in handy to make this mount. Now it’s just like the original, minus 1,960 watts. 006_spotlight 007_spotlight 008_spotlight 009_spotlight 010_spotlight 011_spotlight 012_spotlight 013_spotlight 014_spotlight

I found this bracket at Home Depot. I think it’s for a fence post or something. It looked like it could fit the tripod.


I read on some forum that Dawn soap works great as a lubricant. It does. 016_spotlight 017_spotlight 018_spotlight

Here the bracket is mounted to the tripod. The wood prevents the light from sliding around. 019_spotlight 020_spotlight 021_spotlight 022_spotlight 023_spotlight

Here is the first test fitting. It’s a little loose so I added some shims to tighten everything up.024_spotlight 025_spotlight 026_spotlight 027_spotlight 028_spotlight

Needs some shims to straighten up.029_spotlight

030_spotlight 031_spotlight 032_spotlight 033_spotlight

Shims.034_spotlight 035_spotlight 036_spotlight 037_spotlight 038_spotlight 039_spotlight 040_spotlight 041_spotlight 042_spotlight 043_spotlight 044_spotlight 045_spotlight 046_spotlight

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