Star Wars Rebels Promos

On October 10, 2014 by jw

While at I got to work on three promotions for Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. We used Maya, Arnold, and After Effects for each spot and total production time was about four weeks. The Chopper character and environment models were given to us by Disney. All the shaders had to be converted from Mental Ray to Arnold. I edited a handy MEL script to help out with that. There was almost 100GB of textures, all were mip mapped with Arnold’s Tx Manager and repathed with Maya’s File Path editor. I did all the lighting, rendering, and effects. Here is a post were I explain how Chopper’s made tracks in the dirt with Maya’s Fluid Texture 2D node.

Check out all three spots:



Creative Director: Terry Lee

Producer: Brandon Stevenson

Chopper was rigged in Maya by DongJoun Kim

Character animation, layout, and compositing by Brock Boyts

Compositing support by Ariel Costa, Benjamin Rohel, Yu Kito

Production: Brianna Conrad

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