The Giving Tree

On August 22, 2013 by jw

I was sketching at a coffee shop last December, I must have been taking a break from gift shopping or thinking about presents because what I ended up with was a drawing of an ironic giving tree. Far from what Shel Silverstein wrote about. More like something you’d find at Macy’s. I’m not sure why, but this sketch made it to my production folder and eventually I found some time to focus on it. This is my first project with Arnold, my new favorite renderer. Also my first time working with Mudbox, which was pretty fun. The ribbons were created with a simple nCloth rig. The ground cover was created with many instanced leaf particles mixed in with paint effects. The render was pretty quick, about 25 minute for millions of polygons and volumetric lights. A little bit of levels and lens dirt was added with PS.

Modeled in Maya
Rendered with Arnold


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